Digital Inclusion

The BAUDA is committed to Digital Inclusion in urban communities throughout the Bay Area. Digital Inclusion simply means a progression toward equity and equality when it comes to technology and internet access to people of color living in underserved communities.

We believe that the lack of high-speed internet access for people of color is a Social Justice Issue. Elected officials and companies within Silicon Valley are realizing there is a huge digital divide between urban and suburban communities throughout the Bay Area. According to Pew Research 53% of Americans say that the Internet was essential during the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, more than four-in-ten households with income below $30,000 a year lack home broadband access.

Digital Inclusion

For many urban households and communities of color; particularly Black Communities nestled in urban settings, the lack of internet access or a functioning computer has compounded over the years. Although smartphone usage has increased, handheld devices are not an adequate substitute when it comes to education and homeschooling.

While the Federal Government has provided “proposals” to help increase broadband and commuter access to Urban Communities, the Digital Divide continues to be a systemic problem and must be addressed right away.

The BAUDA will need help, funding and assistance with the following recommendations:

  • Provide device delivery to low & middle income households, prioritizing families with school-age children.
  • Enhance the capability of community anchor institutions such as libraries and neighborhood nonprofits to provide tech support and digital skills training.
  • Enlist a wide range of stakeholders to address digital inequality, e.g., deeper engagement among the business, colleges and universities.
  • Build capacity at the local and regional level so that city governments can have a stronger leadership position on this issue.